Meet the Team

We're a team of web professionals dedicated to excellence.


John Buckingham


Specializing in deep WordPress development, John is passionate about implementing WordPress solutions "the WordPress Way." Although John wears many hats at Pancake, including that of account manager, project manager, and scrum master, he's most partial to the role of engineer, and dives into a refreshing codebase whenever possible.

Aaron Sleadd

Lead Solutions Engineer

Joining Pancake in early 2016, Aaron comes to us by way of a 5-year stint building an application for a nationally-recognized manufacturer of farm equipment. Specializing in all manner of Javascript, Aaron has a flair for the artistic, and in his free time runs a videography business with his wife, Emily.


Charlie Peden

Solutions Engineer

No longer newest member of the Pancake team, Charlie specializes in Angular and PHP, while operating comfortably in frontend development technologies. A theatrical technician for upwards of 15 years, Charlie translates ancient Chinese documents in his free time. Extremely detail-oriented, Charlie is a valuable asset on any project.

Kat Gifford

Solutions Engineer

The self-proclaimed "office mom," Kat specializes in various javascript frameworks, CSS/Sass, and is constantly updating her skillset through meetups and trainings in order to stay current in the ever-changing world of web development. In addition to her many skills, Kat is a talented artist, and earned a degree from PNCA before turning to a career in development.


Jacob Ruleaux

Solutions Engineer

Specializing in React, Angular, and other javascript frameworks, Jacob works tirelessly to support/improve, and maintain a web application for one of Pancake's largest clients. When he's not hitting the codebase or honing his skillset, Jacob paints in his free time.

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